Increasing Order Intake with Proper Customer Value Model

In today’s challenging business landscape, many companies are struggling with a notable downturn in new machine sales.
In these critical times it is crucial to focus sales activities on the “best” customer, i.e. the customer with the highest likelihood to buy new machines or services in order to not lose any money in scattergun approaches.

  • Target customers interact with their clients through a long-term period. Multiple business departments are involved. There is no single 360 client view which allows to assess thoroughly the value of every business relationship
  • Not all the customers bring the same size of business
  • It is not easy to prioritize valuable customers over not so valuable
  • Some businesses do not engage with the relevant customers in Sales and Servicing activities

With a customer value model and the right criteria and data it is possible to identify exactly these valuable customers and eventually allows to focus all sales and marketing activities on these clients.

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