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The packaging industry is in a state of upheaval: globalization, technical and material-based innovations, and rising consumer demands are constantly creating new challenges. In particular, the unstoppable and powerful trend towards greater sustainability is forcing a shift in thinking: packaging and its materials must become more flexible and environmentally friendly. Factors such as the environmental compatibility and multi-purpose suitability of packaging solutions are becoming increasingly important for purchasing decisions.

Using new techniques for sustainable packaging optimization


However, product and food safety are also increasingly in focus when it comes to optimizing and redesigning packaging solutions. This is not only a question of materials that have to meet high requirements. Machines and installations for process, filling, and packaging technology must become more flexible, be able to process new materials, and be digitally networked within the company. Processes and manufacturing techniques are being digitized, which means that a company’s IT must constantly acquire new know-how.

In addition, there are new requirements and possibilities in the area of design and creation of packaging. Digital printing, for example, allows for an increasing variety of goods through the individualization and serialization of packaging at lower production costs with simultaneously shorter product cycles.

The trend towards sustainable, reusable, and recyclable packaging poses challenges for both manufacturers of machinery and installations as well as users of packaging solutions. Innovative packaging technologies – e.g. active and intelligent packaging – have the potential to transform the packaging industry in a sustainable way.

Active packaging that regulates moisture or consumes oxygen, for example, can extend the shelf life of food, reducing food loss and waste. Intelligent packaging – so-called smart packaging – networks the physical with the digital world and builds a bridge between manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and social media channels. This makes packaging more individual, personal, and communicative and allows additional product and brand information to be displayed and the brand image to be brought to the front.


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In addition to their professional consulting methods, ensign advisory’s consultants have important industry insights and the technical expertise to provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of the right packaging. We serve clients involved in the manufacture of a wide range of packaging materials, as well as manufacturers of machinery and installations for process and packaging technology and advise companies on issues relating to the packaging of their products.

We combine many years of industrial experience and the expertise gained from numerous successful projects with our consulting services and all aspects of packaging. In addition, we support our clients with an international network.

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