Strategic Realignment

A strategic realignment gives companies the opportunity to reposition themselves competitively and contribute to sustainable corporate development. With a newly conceived, concrete vision and mission, companies can communicate their core competencies and the benefits for society to the outside world, derive a concrete framework for action for the workforce, and thus position themselves competitively for the future. This requires comprehensive change management that considers both the structural and business dimensions, but above all the needs of managers and employees, since they are the drivers of the development process and the success of the change depends on them. Proactive communication and transparency are therefore essential for the implementation of a strategic realignment. Only in doing so, the aspects of effectiveness and humanity can be sustainably optimized in a company.

Our approach



Customers are demanding greater individualization of products and services, product life cycles are becoming shorter, operational changes and the pressure for innovation are increasing. To be sustainably successful in changing markets and technologies, companies often have to realign themselves and develop, communicate and, above all, live a meaningful vision and directional mission. In the context of change management, the framework conditions are created to motivate managers and employees alike to work towards achieving the vision and mission.



The aim is to increase the future viability and competitiveness of our client organizations through strategic realignment. The results are to be continuously improved and at the same time the adaptability of the company is to be optimized through clear and flexible management. Our specialists strive to achieve this by developing a new vision and mission. Furthermore, change management is to be sustainably established and implemented as a long-term component of the corporate culture.



The ensign advisory consulting team has extensive industry know-how and helps to quickly recognize the need for change and to implement necessary changes quickly and effectively. The consulting process in the context of strategic realignment starts with a detailed analysis of the current state, the strengths, and weaknesses of the company as well as an analysis of the environment. Together with the client, our consultants discuss short-, medium- and long-term goals, followed by the formulation of a new, groundbreaking vision. We then support the implementation of a communication concept to ensure proactive communication and transparency throughout the change process and minimize resistance right from the start. As employees identify with the new vision, a sense of belonging is created and motivation to work towards the desired future image is noticeably increased. In this way, we jointly create the basis for a successful change process.

Using our tools and models, we then develop a clear mission to concretize activities and measures that underlie the achievement of the previously formulated vision. This creates a clear framework for action and provides direction for managers and employees. To ensure the smooth integration of the vision and mission into the day-to-day activities of the company, the central focus of action planning is on aligning top-down interests with bottom-up demands.

In the final step, our consultants evaluate and renew the existing responsibilities together with the client to contribute to the harmonization of business processes.



ensign advisory has many years of experience in change management and supports companies in transforming the challenges of fast-moving times into opportunities. The secure implementation of change is possible through appropriately trained executives and the success is directly measurable by the business figures. Our concepts for change management ensure the lived and lasting change in the company, as they cover the factual, professional, and personal levels. In addition, they can be optimally integrated into day-to-day operations, as the time required by managers is manageable. Our consultants work systematically and provide clarity and orientation, as directly applicable modules and instruments are used.

Our core competencies

Development of a Clear Vision - Golden Circle

When developing a new vision, we advise our clients and their employees on answering the three key questions, Why - defining the reasons, How - defining the possible implementation, and What - defining the targeted products and services, in order to create the necessary orientation framework and a fundamental direction of action for the future.

Definition of an In-Depth Mission Statement

Together with our clients, we identify the specific actions and core competencies of the client organization that will be used to achieve the future plan formulated in the vision. This creates a concrete framework for all involved.

Trainings for Executives

In our trainings we promote the communication skills of executives to transport information efficiently and transparently through the hierarchy levels of the client organization. In addition, we support in initiating concrete measures to enable the implementation of the vision and mission in daily business.

Empowerment for Implementation

We support our clients and especially the responsible managers in developing a clear and common understanding of leadership to be able to implement all complex changes quickly and effectively.

Creating Routines

Together with our clients, we review what has already been achieved and the objectives to subsequently create routines and incorporate lessons learned. We help to ensure sustainability and to anchor change as something normal in the corporate culture.

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