Restructuring & Strategic Realignment

As markets are constantly changing, the continuous analysis and further development of a company’s core competencies are crucial, as is the adaptation of entrepreneurial activities to satisfy the needs of customers. Failure to do so can result in declining sales and profits in the long term, making repositioning and/or reorganization imperative. Companies that are affected in this way can only continue to exist in the market and avert a corporate crisis with timely reactions and adjustments. The sooner there is the perception of a negative trend, the longer the period to react to it, and the lower the risk of a company being subjected to a comprehensive reorganization.

Our Approach



Stagnation as well as continuously decreasing sales often require a general rethink in companies and make a restructuring and/or strategic reorientation inevitable in order to keep the company competitive in the long run and to lead it back to the targeted profitability.



The target is to advise companies in the structural and process organizational value creation, to recognize and eliminate frictions, and to ensure lasting competitiveness through the realignment and concretization of vision and mission.



Within the context of reorganization or restructuring consulting, ensign advisory’s specialists offer targeted and implementation-oriented concepts and measure packages. These are preceded by fundamental internal and external company analyses to best assess the current market position, the business model, available resources, existing competencies, and skills as well as internal processes, and the reasons for a negative trend. Together with our clients, we then identify cost reduction and efficiency enhancement potential along the entire value chain. This way, the client can make optimum use of these insights in the future, by using targeted reorganization measures. In the course of this, we focus on both structural changes within the organizational structure’s framework and process optimization measures, in order to increase the efficiency of the entire process organization and thereby achieve a maximum increase in the company’s value.

In addition, our experienced consultants support the repositioning of companies, helping them to be able to withstand the market dynamics and the constantly changing framework conditions in the long term. At the same time, in the future, this will allow them to recognize change early on. We offer instruments such as scenario techniques or early warning systems, which we develop and implement together with our clients. What is more, our concepts in the areas of portfolio management and core competencies contribute to the increase in companies’ profitability and results, because strategically inefficient business areas can be identified and discontinued. ensign advisory also provides support in filling vacant (management) positions and thus positioning companies in a goal-oriented manner. During this, new visions and missions can be developed and concretized, which in turn help align the company with a new strategy towards reaching its profitability and sustainable growth targets.



ensign advisory’s concepts and packages of measures in reorganization and restructuring consulting give clients a clear direction, and this also helps them to reposition themselves in the market and be competitive. Apart from this, our experience helps us to identify potentials for improving effectiveness and efficiency in the value creation architecture and to reorganize companies accordingly. By eliminating business areas that do not make strategic sense, we increase liquidity and thus contribute to improving profitability and earnings. With our experience and industry know-how, companies can successfully transform into a sustainable and crisis-proof enterprise. Our consultants can also bring about an optimization of the business system and the implementation of new management structures. The successful reorganization of the client enables the company to develop sustainable growth areas in the future with the help of cooperations and/or alliances.

Our Core Competencies

Business Process Re-Engineering

Together with our clients, we record, analyze, and evaluate processes. This places us in a position to identify and eliminate all inefficient processes and areas of the company, to reorganize and prepare it for the future.

Development of a Clear Vision

We advise our clients on the development of a clear vision to create orientation and order, commitment, motivation, and the integration of employees, as well as momentum for new impulses in the future. We also support in communicating the client´s vision to the outside world to convey the future direction of the company.

Portfolio Management Screening

A detailed analysis of the client portfolio helps us to determine the best product-market combination for the company. Together with our clients, we reorganize the company in such a way that a balanced combination of business areas, with optimal success potential, is achieved and our clients succeed in transforming themselves into a competitive company.

Development of a Concise Mission

Our consultants support in deriving a concise corporate mission to re-legitimize the client company's existence to relevant stakeholders and shareholders and to convince them of the company's future viability.

Identification of Relevant Core Competencies

Within the framework of their comprehensive industry know-how, our consultants rapidly identify our client company's core competencies, to optimally expand these through appropriate reorganization. This way, we provide clients with competitive advantages and an improved market position.

Definition of a Focused Corporate Strategy

ensign advisory's specialists help to formulate short-, medium- and long-term goals and to define an appropriate future strategy. Together with our clients, we set the course for sustainable success, long-term competitiveness and secure the company's continued existence.

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