Efficiency Improvement Programs

Regardless of whether the company is stagnating or in a growth period, it is worth investing in optimized processes to improve the efficiency of the own company. Especially in the restructuring phase, screening the entire value chain for optimization and efficiency potentials is essential to identify and eliminate problems that occur frequently, such as unclear responsibilities or incorrectly assessed potentials.

Our Approach



Unclear guidelines, old process thinking and overlapping areas of responsibility often lead to a reduction in companies’ efficiency. Often, an external person with a neutral attitude towards the company can help identify problem areas and point out alternatives.



The target is to focus on the important and, above all, correct processes in a company. The company and its processes should be streamlined, aligned in a cost-efficient manner and have clearly defined responsibilities, so as to eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies, while increasing transparency and controllability throughout the company.



At the beginning of the project, our consultants carry out detailed task-structure analyses in all affected company divisions and functions. Subsequently, the analyses’ results are evaluated, compared with the corresponding business processes and weak points as well as optimization potentials are identified. Based on the results and analyses, our consultants draw up comprehensive and detailed improvement concepts together with the client, which include topics such as the reorganization of the organizational structure, the reorganization of information flows and the redistribution of tasks and responsibilities.

Our consultants uncover several areas for optimization in the process. In detail, the separation into core processes is recommended for improved diagnostics, as existing processes can be structured better in this way, thereby increasing effectiveness. By taking a holistic approach, our consultants additionally focus on cost structures, improved communication channels as well as sufficient transparency.



ensign advisory analyzes the entire value chain and identifies any potential for optimization and efficiency increases. We always keep an eye on current market developments, as new technologies and changes in the market economy can have a very rapid impact on the liquidity, operational effectiveness, and profitability of the value chain.

With innovative concepts and methods as well as comprehensive industry expertise and strategic benchmark analyses, we offer the necessary consulting and support. We take a close look at existing process sequences and question them, identify potential for improvement and tap into it together with our clients, always focused on your goals, results, and success!

Our Core Competencies

Profitability and Liquidity Concepts

ensign advisory advises clients on the development of future-oriented profitability and liquidity concepts, so that, working together, we can realize the turnaround as quickly as possible. Thanks to our comprehensive industry expertise and strategic benchmark analyses, we identify the optimal levers to provide your profitability and liquidity management with the tools it needs for restructuring.

Business Process Re-Engineering

To identify inefficient processes in business operations, we record, analyze and evaluate processes, to help companies in their sustainable future transformation.

Development/Redesign of an Organizational Structure

We help our clients develop and implement the optimal organizational structure for their company in a holistic manner. Together with our clients, we develop the new structure, starting with the optimization of the information flow, and additionally initiating the redistribution of tasks and responsibilities.

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