In today’s fast-paced business world, companies are continuously forced to react to changing circumstances and to adapt to new market conditions. This is crucial to be able to operate successfully in the long term. A shared and clear understanding of the overall situation is a basic building block for the company’s success.

Our Approach



When companies strive for change processes, it is necessary to split the entire process into individual project phases with clearly defined goals in order to ensure successful implementation. Changes are often multi-layered and complex and, for this reason, frequently result in resistance to these changes among employees. The early definition of goals and the choice of a process model support the process.



The goal of a change management process is to deal with complex changes rapidly and effectively, while simultaneously bringing about a lasting change in mentality and behavior. A clear and shared understanding of leadership should enable managers to implement change effectively.



Consulting services in the area of change management are usually divided into several phases.

In the first phase, our specialists focus on understanding the overall situation and planning the next steps accordingly. The objective at the end of this phase is to create a sense of urgency to initiate the change process. To this end, numerous interviews are conducted with individual managers, and group workshops are also held to analyze the situation. In addition to the executive interviews, our consultants force discussions with the PMO sub-project leaders and the business unit leaders. We record the collected results and findings in a change report, which, in coordination with the management, includes content-related focal points as well as the time schedule and kick-off planning.

In phase two, we enable implementation and empower managers to act. Here, kick-off events are held with all managers in the form of workshops and the results are documented and analyzed. Subsequently, different measures of varying intensity take place, to develop a communication routine and a culture for feedback. To this end, individual discussions are held with managers and project leaders at set intervals, as well as regular competence impulses with a view to the key figures and results. In addition, and if needed, team workshops are also offered to discuss predefined topics. There is also the option of mediation to resolve conflicts.

In the third phase, our consultants secure and expand the change processes. For this purpose, we stabilize the change, which is constantly measured by the business results, and conduct ongoing reviews of the implementation. In the course of this, we hold workshops with groups of executives and gather feedback from the project managers as well as the project office. We also oversee the process through one-on-one meetings with executives, in addition to assigning small learning groups and teams to pick up ideas and generate motivation.

The anchoring in the corporate culture and the implied continuous improvement as well as generation of routines is ensured in the final phase. During this time, training is offered to new managers to ensure institutionalized leadership. Apart from this, regular reviews are carried out to provide strategic prevention. Simultaneously, we provide support in setting up a committee structure, which is a central element of organizational development.



Our change management consulting services include preparation and planning, direct implementation and long-term establishment of the change. Together with our clients, our consultants develop a storyline that is tangible for everyone, thus providing security and motivation. We ensure the lived and lasting change in the company, arouse curiosity through involvement, thereby creating a basis for the desired change. To this end, we help break down resistance, establish a new mindset and eliminate the tried-and-tested measures that no longer support the new vision.

Our Core Competencies

Development of a Clear Vision

We advise clients on the development of a clear vision to create orientation and order, commitment, motivation and integration of employees, as well as momentum for new impulses in the future. We additionally support in communicating the vision to the outside world the future direction of the client company.

Creating Routines

Together with our clients, we review what has already been achieved and the objectives in order to subsequently create routines and incorporate lessons learned. We help to ensure sustainability and anchor change, as something normal in the corporate culture.

Interim Management

ensign has interim managers with many years of industry experience who can quickly familiarize themselves with the respective situation and contribute to the success of the changes together with our clients´ expertise. With our interim managers' support clients can create a broad basis for the change and define and implement routines together.

Empowerment for Implementation

We support our clients and their managers in developing a clear and shared understanding of leadership in order to be able to implement all multi-layered changes quickly and effectively.

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