Post-Merger Integration

After the M&A transaction has taken place, a consistent and smooth integration of the acquired company into existing operations, structures and networks is indispensable to achieve strategic goals, to leverage the envisaged synergy potentials and to be able to devote oneself to the tasks of the core business again in a timely manner. The foundations for this should already have been laid during the due diligence process.

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The standardization of processes and structures, as well as the merging of the individual business areas, of the companies involved in the transaction is often underestimated. This can mean that the takeover target cannot always be integrated into existing structures without conflict. The reason for this is internal resistance resulting from a lack of communication and transparency, which must be avoided from the outset.



The aim is to integrate acquired companies into existing structures promptly and efficiently to be able to fully exploit synergy potentials and minimize possible risks as far as possible. This applies above all to the occurrence of the merger syndrome and the associated “hidden costs” through separation, replacement, and training costs in the personnel area, which should be avoided in any case.



ensign advisory places increased emphasis on transparent and proactive communication with our clients throughout the entire M&A transaction process to ensure a smooth process. Based on past PMI projects, we have been able to identify various core tasks that need to be addressed within the framework of integration processes.

First, our specialists help to prepare all the necessary measures through careful planning and to ensure that the schedule is adhered to. Together with our clients, we develop an integration plan that documents the essential work steps, milestones, and responsibilities. We then provide support in putting together the management structures, as well as central planning and reporting processes, so that the integration can be reliably documented to the outside world in the interests of the shareholders. In addition, we support our clients in filling vacant (management) positions, considering the existing corporate culture and know-how. Our consultants help to sensitize the employees for the upcoming measures of the integration process and to initiate the integration process in coordination with the management. In the finalizing step, we then take care of the complete integration of the operative business activities to exploit the hoped-for synergy potentials and thus dovetail the operative business areas.



ensign advisory has the competence and know-how to efficiently drive the integration process after a merger transaction and to set the course for a common guiding culture. We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from planning and coordination of the integration project to coordination and implementation, to quality control. Among other things, we advise on filling vacant positions and strategic optimization measures for the internal organization. Our experience helps us to prepare and sensitize employees to the necessary measures so that the PMI process can be carried out as quickly and conflict-free as possible, the risk of a merger syndrome can be minimized, and synergy potentials can be exploited in the best possible way.

Our core competencies

Implementation of Change Management

Together with our clients and their staff, we develop a "storyline" that is tangible for everyone, thereby providing security and reducing resistance to create space for something new. Through this approach, we enable the direct implementation of the change, because the new comes directly into the operational everyday life and is measured by the business figures.

Situation Analysis & Development of an Individual Integration Plan

In the context of a post-merger integration, situation analysis as well as structured integration planning are the cornerstones for realizing synergy effects. Missing or insufficient planning increases the risk of disruption for the entire organization. We help our clients to create a meaningful and feasible plan so that they get closer to their goal of realizing synergy effects.

Dovetailing of Management Structures, Planning and Reporting Processes

ensign advisory advises clients on the establishment of a homogeneous, cooperating management structure as well as central planning and reporting processes for a uniform direction and clear documentation.

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