Investment targets/ value creation measures

In the context of inorganic growth through corporate transactions, it is essential that companies develop and define clear investment objectives in advance to achieve sustainable value generation.

Our approach



To create the basis for growth, the identification of investment targets and value creation measures is essential from the very beginning. On this foundation, companies can identify and align their individual growth strategy.



The goal is to develop a sustainable strategy for investments and value creation methods to secure long-term growth. For this purpose, it is important to analyze the entire organization and its market environment in advance, to then develop value creation measures and investment goals according to the results and to pursue them in the long term.



ensign advisory is a perfect sparring partner in the development and identification of suitable investment targets and value creation measures. Our advisors analyze relevant organizational structures, define strengths and weaknesses, and develop or adjust the vision for the future together with our clients. Based on this information, our advisors support the selection of potential acquisition targets. The extensive network as well as the comprehensive experience of ensign’s experts aims to identify and review suitable targets in a timely manner and to support our clients in all matters related to an acquisition up to the closing documentation. We help to better quantify the potential of a transaction and to make M&A processes more efficient in the long run.



The result of our advisory services is the development of long-term investment goals based on the vision and mission. Together with our clients, we identify which measures are suitable for creating value and thus lay the foundation for future investment activities. In the past, our consultants have been able to accompany numerous organizations on the path to more sustainable growth and draw on excellent expertise.

Our core competencies

Conception of Mission and Vision Statements

In changing corporate situations, the development and implementation of new strategies can be a great challenge, which we face together with our clients. A redefinition of vision and mission leads to clear target images and helps the organization to emerge strengthened from the transformation.

Systematic Market Research and Market Analyses

Due to our many years of experience in line and consulting functions, we have a deep understanding of a wide range of industries, the relevant markets, and current developments. Combined with our systematic approach and our industry insights, we are ideally placed to use market research and analysis to compile the information that is crucial for the development of a successful corporate strategy.

Value Chain Analysis

ensign advisory supports clients in analyzing the value chain to identify core competencies from a customer or market perspective, which can then be built upon.

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