Inorganic growth, and thus growth through the acquisition of companies or parts of companies, requires targeted and far-reaching planning of the takeover. The first step is to identify suitable takeover targets that provide a company with strategic and operational added value and thus offer opportunities and potential.

Our approach



If companies plan to open up new market areas through targeted company acquisitions and at the same time create sustainable added value through synergies with the acquired company, it is necessary to define strategic search parameters in order to be able to clearly identify, evaluate and finally select potential acquisition targets.



The aim of the initial targeting is to identify a suitable takeover target that brings both strategic added value for the client organization and offers the desired synergy potential. In order to deliver the desired added value, the client is asked to select the most effective takeover target from a shortlist, which is then contacted and, in the best case, taken over.



ensign advisory supports the client in the initial targeting and lays the foundation for the identification of potential takeover candidates through the joint definition of search parameters. With the help of the parameters, a comprehensive number of potential takeover targets from different geographical regions are first identified and consolidated in a longlist. Factors such as turnover, products, profitability, customer base and synergy potential are taken into account when compiling the long list. In the subsequent step, this longlist is discussed with the client and, in consultation, shortened to a shortlist, resulting in a narrower selection of takeover candidates.

For each of the companies on the short list, a detailed profile is then created as a basis for decision-making, which is used for further discussion and the final vote. Finally, ensign or the client organization will make a dedicated market approach to the selected companies.



As part of the initial targeting process, ensign advisory provides our clients with a shortlist of potential takeover candidates that have been classified on the basis of detailed analyses, assessments and evaluations of synergy and profitability potential as well as compatibility with regard to factors such as growth, customer structures and technologies. In addition, there is the option that all contacts with potential takeover targets are also initiated and carried out via ensign advisory.

Thanks to the specific expert and industry knowledge of the specialists at ensign advisory, we know the sector of technically sophisticated industrial goods as well as its participants very well. ensign advisory is therefore the partner for strategic add-on acquisitions as well as acquisitions in international and new markets.

Our core competencies

Identification of Effective Search Parameters

We support our clients in setting up suitable search parameters on the basis of which suitable takeover targets with the desired synergy and profitability potential can be identified and selected. In doing so, we take into account changes in industries and markets as well as all individual requirements.

Definition of Target-Oriented Longlists and Shortlists

ensign advisory can provide extensive input on potential acquisition targets through its multi-layered experience in the field of technical industrial goods. This input can be consolidated, introduced and used in the form of long and short lists.

Expert and Industry Knowledge to Identify Potential Targets Timely

The search for suitable takeover targets can present organizations with a major challenge. Within the framework of our industry and expert network, we support our clients in the search and selection of potential targets to ensure the best possible synergy effects.

Dedicated Approach to Takeover Targets

Within the framework of our extensive contact network, we are happy to support our clients in the first step of approaching suitable takeover targets and holding initial talks for assessment.

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