Inorganic growth represents both great potential and great challenges for organizations. Acquisitions of companies, mergers or strategic partnerships can have a variety of effects, such as the improvement of process flows or operational structures, expanded know-how, an improvement in the cost position as well as the option of opening up of new markets or achieving growth targets more quickly. In order to be able to fully exploit synergy effects, an individually tailored growth strategy is required that does justice to the opportunities gained through the acquisition.

Our approach



Growth in the context of transactions requires an extensive catalogue of plans and measures to be able to fully realize the planned potential. Many organizations fail in this endeavor or fall far short of their intended goals with the synergy effects they achieve.



The goal is to implement a growth strategy that is fully aligned with the individual interests of a client to realize hoped-for potential. While some clients focus on cost optimization or profit maximization, others focus on opening up new markets or until now non-existent know-how. Together with our clients, we analyze hoped-for potentials and jointly set up a target-oriented strategy including a possible acquisition target.



The specialists of ensign advisory are the partner for the development of growth potentials in the context of M&A transactions. Together with our clients, we define a target-oriented M&A strategy and, within this framework, identify search fields for relevant growth markets, determine synergy potentials and check their feasibility. In addition, we assist in the search for suitable takeover candidates, whose systematic approach is also undertaken by our specialists. It is important for us to fully understand the target company and to examine synergy potentials. In the context of transaction management, we therefore also provide support in due diligence reviews as well as in negotiations up to the final settlement. Post-merger integration can also be accompanied by our specialists to work out the greatest possible synergy and growth potential.



ensign advisory has the expertise to drive growth strategies in the context of M&A transactions and to identify and exploit the best possible synergy potential for our clients. Together with our clients, we create an individually tailored growth strategy that can sustainably position them in the competitive environment.

Our core competencies

Initial Targeting

Finding suitable acquisition targets can be a challenge for organizations. Within the framework of our industry and expert network, we support our clients in the search and selection of potential targets to ensure the best possible synergy effects.

Introducing Change Management

Growth brings change - In the long term, our clients organizations should be able to independently master the challenges of ongoing change. We help them to establish the necessary corporate structures and culture.

Extensive M&A Transaction Experience

ensign's specialists have extensive experience in the M&A transaction market. One of the most high-profile transactions in the packaging technology sector in 2017 was the acquisition of Rovema by Haniel, which was also co-managed by our consultants.

Dedicated Market Approach for Target Groups

Within the framework of our extensive contact network, we are happy to support our clients in the first step of approaching suitable takeover targets and holding initial discussions for assessment.

Post-Merger Integration

ensign advisory has the expertise to efficiently drive the integration process after an M&A transaction and to set the course for a common guiding culture. We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from planning and coordination of the integration project, through coordination and implementation, to quality control.

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