In the event of economic difficulties, the sale of a company or individual parts of a company can drastically improve the liquidity situation and thus avert insolvency. Company transactions in exceptional situations that have arisen for economic or financial reasons require a particularly high degree of foresight, prudence, consistency and, above all, speed.

Our approach



When economic or financial reasons lead to decisions to sell or buy, the most important factor is time. Companies on both the seller and buyer side are forced to act quickly, which can often lead to sales below value and purchases without clear information. Experienced M&A advisors with strong networks and a deep understanding of the different industry sectors can fully support clients in their transactions.



The aim of distressed M&A transactions is the continued operation of financially or economically distressed companies or parts of companies with as few further losses as possible. Despite the ailing overall situation, the buyer side usually focuses on takeover targets with promising portfolios, technologies and/or resources.



ensign advisory supports both the buyer and the seller in distressed M&A transactions with extensive M&A expertise and a distinctive network. We advise on the timely transfer of organizations or parts of organizations and involve all relevant parties, such as insolvency administrators, shareholders, and creditors, in order to find the best possible and, above all, tailor-made solution. We support our clients with financial and liquidity planning, analyze existing potential and help to implement the strict timetable with the aim of continuing the business.

In terms of the buyer side, the ensign network enables optimal conditions for the search for potential takeover targets as well as the establishment of contacts. At the same time, clients such as companies, private equity houses or family offices are accompanied in the best possible way through all process steps such as due diligence, negotiations, and the closing of the deal.



ensign advisory initiates the necessary operational support at high speed to be able to optimally accompany a transaction/restructuring. In doing so, we support clients on both the buyer and seller side with extensive M&A experience and a network built up over the years, which makes both the search for acquisition targets and potential investors very efficient and can secure the continuity of operations.

Our core competencies

Expert Network for the Timely Identification of Takeover Targets

The search for suitable acquisition targets can present organizations with major challenges. Within the framework of our industry and expert network, we support our clients in the search and selection of potential targets to identify the best possible development potential.

Extensive M&A Transaction Experience

ensign's specialists have a wealth of experience in the M&A transaction market. One of the best-known transactions in the field of packaging technology in 2017 was the takeover of Rovema by Haniel, which was also co-managed by our consultants.

Preparation of Financial and Liquidity Plans

Liquidity planning is essential in the context of distressed M&As. Our consultants use detailed analyses to show all the effects of a sale of the entire company or parts of the company so that our clients have all the relevant information for decision-making.

Analysis and Development of Synergies and Potentials

With transparency and predictability, we support our clients on the path to an effective transaction. We are happy to use our analytical expertise to identify various options in terms of potential synergies and potentials that could be relevant for clients when selecting possible takeover targets.

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