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Restructuring in situations of upheaval often requires personnel changes as a necessary measure to fully guide the organization through the change. Reasons that can be decisive for a restructuring are manifold. Self-identified deviations from targets due to high price and competitive pressure, market restrictions, increasing financing requirements or missed annual results increase the pressure on organizations to transform and realign themselves strategically. Due to the lack of medium- to long-term success factors, drastic changes in course can follow for companies as a reaction, e.g. in the form of job cuts through closure or divestment of parts of the company.

Our approach



If a company is bought up during an acquisition, it is not uncommon in the M&A business for the acquired company to show potential for operational improvement. In the further course of operational changes, short-term vacancies arise in important positions of the company.



The aim is to fill the vacant positions promptly and effectively during the turnaround and restructuring. A crisis-proven interim management team is searched for that actively supports the planning, management and implementation of the turnaround.



To successfully restructure affected organizations or to execute a successful turnaround, ensign advisory deploys an interim manager with many years of industry expertise. During the strategic and operational realignment and reorganization of the company, our specialists first analyze the individual company situation. This includes topics such as market orientation, core competencies, success factors, processes, the business model considering the given industry dynamics as well as the company’s target and strategy fit.

From these analyses, the need for reorganization and restructuring as well as the necessary speed of the change process to be implemented are determined. Using our proven restructuring approaches, we reposition, restructure and optimize the strategic and operational business, including the development of market-oriented concepts and measures, as well as cost reduction and efficiency improvement programs along the entire value chain.

After the takeover of the target, programs to increase growth and profitability are introduced with the support of ensign interim managers. The programs consist, for example, of projects in the areas of cost optimization, supply chain management and sales optimization. Within these projects, the interim manager take care of the reorganization of the sales organization, the strategic realignment led by the new definition of vision and mission, the strategic staff reduction as well as the improvement of the new and existing customer management. Due to the flexibility of ensign interim managers, we can support both on-site and remotely.



After completion of the restructuring, the client organization can achieve an increase in profitability with the interim management provided by ensign. In addition, ensign supports the redefinition of vision and mission as well as the closure of company locations and thus additionally contributes to the company’s profitability.

Our core competencies

Potential Analyses for the Identification of Strengths and Weaknesses

ensign advisory supports clients in identifying strengths and eliminating weaknesses as well as in exploiting potentials in a targeted manner. Together with our clients, we create the foundation for sustainable business success based on competitive cost structures, innovations and growth.

Result- and Implementation-Related Support

ensign advisory supports clients with profound expertise and customized concepts in defining and implementing holistic restructurings and reorganizations. Our approach has proven itself in practice. With a result- and implementation-oriented approach, modern tools and methods, we have proven numerous times in the past that ensign advisory is the right partner for restructuring and optimizing companies.

Strategic Realignment by Redefining Vision and Mission

In changing corporate situations, the development and implementation of new strategies can be a great challenge, which we face together with our clients. A redefinition of vision and mission leads to clear target images and helps the organization to emerge strengthened from the transformation.

Many Years of Industry Knowledge as the Key to Success

We provide support and advice in dealing with upheaval and special situations: Our specialists are familiar with a wide range of problems faced by medium-sized and multinational companies and create sustainable competitive advantages. We combine industry knowledge and classic consulting and support our clients in implementing new measures.

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