Interim Management as General Manager or CEO

In the event of an unexpected absence in the management, the regular continuation of all corporate activities is at risk and also the safeguarding of further corporate development is critical. Interim mandates for the management level help to cushion capacity and/or know-how bottlenecks and to jointly develop a strategy for the future that ensures the company’s development.

Our approach



When parts of the management leave, the company is threatened with a downward spiral. After such a significant departure, many companies abruptly lack important know-how as well as action and responsibility competence. For this reason, it is of particular importance to effectively fill such vacant positions as quickly as possible. Such a decision is not always possible in a timely manner, since many decision-making criteria must be consulted. An interim solution can initially remedy this situation and ensure that the business does not lose stability.



The aim of interim management is to compensate for the loss of management competencies, to optimize and sustainably develop business areas and thus to provide the company with long-term stability.



ensign advisory is a successful sparring partner in all matters concerning interim mandates. Due to our decades of experience in mechanical and plant engineering, we can temporarily hold management positions in client companies.

The following points are important to us: First, we hold a preliminary meeting with the management to get an exact picture of the situation, to clarify risks and potentials and to identify needs. We then conduct an as-is analysis of the company, the results of which we discuss with management and based on which we draw up a project plan with customer support. At that stage we define our tasks as interim management, as well as the tasks of the company, which should result in the agreed goals at the end of the project. From day one, we address tasks and perform quality control in appropriate time frames. After the project we continue to support clients in all questions as interim management.



Through the interim mandate, ensign’s consultant can effectively fill the gap in the management level and help the organization to achieve ongoing stability and sustainable development as well as value enhancement. The external know-how as well as modern methods for strategic and operational development set the course for success.

Our core competencies

Functional Know-How

Due to our many years of experience in line and consulting functions, we have a deep understanding of our clients´ industry as well as the relevant markets and current developments. Combined with our systematic approach and our industry insights, we fulfill the best prerequisites to support clients directly in all work processes.

Extensive Contact Network to Identify Suitable Successors

The search for targeted know-how can be a major challenge for organizations. Within the framework of our contact network, we support our clients in the search and selection of potential candidates to effectively close the bottlenecks.

Long-Term Strategy Development and Corporate Management

ensign advisory helps clients to develop the optimal strategy for the management of their company and to anchor it holistically in the company. In doing so, we consider changes in industries and markets as well as the core competencies and resources.

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