In any manufacturing environment, asset optimization is essential to remain competitive and increase profit margins. With the current intense competition in the marketplace, it is critical for companies to make the most of all available resources to survive and grow. Optimizing assets allows companies to increase asset efficiency and productivity to achieve important savings.

Our Approach



In a competitive environment with increasing individualization of mass production, production line performance and efficiency are declining. This is due to changing personnel with a low level of training as well as frequent line changes. This leads to enormous efficiency losses, especially in aseptic lines. Declines in sales are offset by large investments in new plants, which would not be necessary for the planned production capacity.



The aim is to generate greater line efficiency with existing equipment. With increasing product individualization, this increases both sales and earnings and prepares the company for the competition in a resource-saving manner.



With a focus on productivity analysis and efficiency, our consultants take stock of the actual situation of the production line(s). We make assessments of plant performance and identify vulnerabilities for which we derive concrete optimization measures.

After joint evaluation of the optimization possibilities, we work with our clients to design efficient and cost-saving processes on and in the line so that productivity remains at a high level. The cost-benefit analysis of the optimization potential is followed by the implementation of improvement measures and line adjustments.

Our service portfolio includes the metrological processing of plant availability (OEE), the adaptation of existing lines for the realization of individualized mass production, as well as process reengineering to enable key figure-based plant control.



With the wide range of optimization strategies, ensign advisory can provide clients with effective results, including a 5% to 15% increase in capacity and a 10% to 15% increase in line performance, thanks to higher utilization and more efficient processes. The application of optimization solutions leads to lower product manufacturing costs and important savings in energy and material consumption.

Our Core Competencies

Packaging and Processing Know-How

Our consultants bring know-how from years of experience. With the technical expertise of our specialists in the packaging and processing industry, we can offer our clients a wide range of solutions tailored to their needs.

Hygienic Plant Construction

Various industries face massive challenges in ensuring safety and hygiene throughout their processes and facilities. Especially when planning or optimizing production plants, it is important to consider hygienic design. We support our clients in complying with the required standards right from the start.

Process Optimization

Together with our clients, we analyze the manufacturing processes and identify fields with potential for improvement. We develop concrete action plans in the process optimization and automation areas to increase production lines' efficiency and support our customers during implementation.

Systematic Weak Point Analysis

Our consultants help to develop a systematic approach to analyzing weak points in production machinery and equipment, facilitating identifying better solutions for continuous optimization. If required, we will be happy to implement this together with our clients.

Industry Expertise for Customized Implementation

With our industry knowledge and experience, we work our way into each client's business to offer customized solutions that satisfy their needs and guide them through the entire process, right up to execution.

Different Hygiene Stages up to Aseptic Design

Different industries and applications have different requirements. We support our clients in the design and selection of packaging and processing machines in different hygienic levels up to aseptic and ensure that the required standards are met in the most efficient way.

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