In today’s ever-changing business environment, the ability to continuously innovate and rapidly implement change is crucial to business performance. Innovation management is one of the most powerful elements an organization can deploy to develop sustainable solutions, respond to market needs, and optimize internal, business productivity-enhancing processes. Building a culture of innovation that drives productive and sustainable innovation practices can ignite the generation of future-oriented ideas and help companies remain competitive over the long term.

Our Approach



Innovations are the key to securing the long-term success of a company and opening up new growth potential. A company’s ability to innovate is increasingly developing into a central success factor: It allows to meet customer needs with market-oriented product developments. Apart from this, innovative processes increase the company’s own effectiveness and efficiency.

Due to complex selection procedures for innovation ideas, a limited focus on implementation, and inadequate project management, the time-to-market for a large number of innovations is too long. Often the desired returns are not achieved and, under certain circumstances, the market position is weakened.



The goal is to ensure a strategic adjustment of a company’s goals and needs, thereby allowing the establishment of sustainable and customer-centric innovation management. By establishing a market-oriented innovation pipeline, and by implementing and reorganizing an innovation organization, a reduction of the time-to-market is possible.



ensign advisory’s consultants analyze the target markets’ needs, establish an innovation management system, and jointly define scope for action with a focus on the current business context.

We develop a sustainable strategy that is customized to our clients and use our industry expertise to identify and jointly evaluate technological trends and novelties.

During the developed innovation strategies’ implementation, our consultants provide support in the preparation of project documentation and information, requirement and functional specifications, as well as in the technical implementation.

In so doing, our consulting services point out ways in which organizations can be aligned to the realization of innovation ideas in a targeted manner, in addition to achieving sustainable business success.

Among other things, we use Design Thinking to realize client-centric developments. With short iteration cycles, this method focuses on rapid concept evaluation with both customers and users, thereby identifying a clear customer benefit that can be addressed with targeted innovations and results in increased profitability.



The reduction of innovations’ time-to-market, in addition to cost reduction for innovation management and both customer- as well as market-oriented solutions are only some of the benefits ensign advisory can offer its clients. This is achieved by developing and implementing a comprehensive innovation management model.

Thanks to our implementation- and market-oriented development of appropriate innovation strategies and our support during the introduction and implementation of necessary organizational adjustments, our clients achieve their business objectives and ensure sustainable success in a short time.

Our Core Compentencies

Technology Scouting and Evaluation

Innovation and digitization are accelerating technological change. This holds many opportunities, provided an appropriately rapid response is possible. We support our clients in firmly integrating technology scouting into their business processes, thus allowing them to keep pace and benefit from new technologies.

Systematic Generation of Ideas

New ideas do not arise by chance. Idea generation is the result of a structured process that follows a systematic approach. We help our clients to create a culture of innovation in which employees are supported in developing their ideas and this becomes part of day-to-day business.

Agile Innovation Development (Design Thinking)

Within the framework of Design Thinking, we support our clients when it comes to implementing agile methods for continuous generation of innovations. This way, we assist in being a position to develop customer-centric products and services by systematically considering feasibility and profitability.

Reorganization/Implementation Innovation Management

Innovation brings change. Our consulting does not end in the definition phase. We accompany our clients throughout the entire reorganization process to ensure an effective implementation and cultivation of innovation management.

Innovation Strategy

In a first step, we support our clients in developing a holistic strategy, from the definition of goals in line with the business model, right up to the establishment of innovation systems.

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