Technological change and increasing competition call for higher levels of efficiency in companies and their products. Shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach to improve productivity and efficiency is critical to the success of a project and the rapid growth and profitability of the business. Only an efficient organization can remain competitive.

Our Approach



Both the growing demand for complexity, flexibility, and variant diversity of machines and plants and the intense global competition are increasing the pressure on companies and require a results-oriented and efficient engineering organization.

Incorrect use of resources, inadequate project management, inefficient design of the system and process landscape, and a lack of measurability of engineering performance have a negative impact on operational business and generate high, non-capitalizable engineering costs, a long time-to-market for new machines and plants, and a poorly coordinated value chain.



The target is to set up the existing engineering organization in such a way that costs are reduced, and there is a measurable increase in engineering output.



To start with, our consultants assess the engineering organization’s current situation and corporate environment. To do this, they record existing processes and document them in a structured manner. They also take a close look at the engineering organization’s cost structures, methodically identifying inefficiencies and examining their causes from the ground up. In a next step, recommendations for action are derived for process adjustments, optimized resource utilization, efficiency metrics, and adjustments to IT systems.

Together, we identify courses of action as well as the individual organizational structure and process organization of the development area, KPIs and their target variables that require a sustainable increase in engineering efficiency. For the resulting efficiency improvement strategy, our consultants combine in-depth process understanding in the field of mechanical and plant engineering with methodical change approaches.



By implementing the Engineering Efficiency scope offered by ensign advisory, clients receive a flexible and result-oriented organization of the engineering area that is adapted to the individual market environment. In addition, clients benefit from a KPI-based monitoring and controlling system that serves to increase engineering performance further sustainably through in-house management. All this typically leads to 5 to 10% lower engineering costs with rising engineering quality.

Our core competencies

Sector-specific efficiency benchmarking

Together with our clients, we define and analyze their company's current situation in terms of engineering efficiency, evaluate it and compare it with the relevant industry standards to achieve an objective view and basis.

Realignment of the engineering process

After gaining a clear understanding of the engineering organization, we support our clients in realigning their engineering processes, to improve value creation, market position, and customer focus. To do this, we help our clients to identify and solve internal problems and respond to external influences.

Performance measurement and improvement

We work with our clients to define key KPIs to accurately assess the efficiency and quality of their processes and organizational units. We also support in developing solutions to optimize the affected processes.

Root-Cause-Analysis and Systematic Problem Solving

The ability to solve problems quickly is essential. However, understanding the root causes behind problems is even more important, to develop solutions that prevent them from reoccurring. We help to establish a systematic problem-solving strategy that results in continuous improvement.

Lean Development

We support our clients in implementing lean methods. This is done with the goal of achieving higher value creation, optimizing resources, and reducing inefficiencies along the processes. In this way, our clients can create a stable workflow that is based on actual customer requirements, leading to continuous improvement.

Simultaneous Engineering

By implementing strategies such as Simultaneous Engineering, we help our clients shorten their product development times as well as time-to-market. This leads to increased productivity, efficiency and quick response to market requirements.

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