Digitization of the value chain

In the context of digitization, the digital networking of all processes and company units, from Supply Chain 4.0 to Sales and Service, offers added value along the entire value chain. Optimized planning capacities and networked technologies enable targeted exploitation of the potential for increasing efficiency.

Our approach



In the course of increasing digitization, the market is changing, as is the function of various business areas. Transformations in the areas of marketing and sales, production, finance, services, supply chain and human resources have already taken place over the last few years and will not stop for the time being. Digitization demands adaptation to new requirements, which in the worst case can lead to the elimination of entire units. The Internet of Things will have an impact on every industry in the future. Accordingly, with the right use, processes will become more efficient, downtimes will be reduced, and resources will be used more optimally.



The primary target is to intensify coordination along the value chain, to feedback experience between specialist areas more quickly, and thus to be able to respond more quickly to errors or new customer requirements.

Through horizontal and vertical integration, the smart factory constantly adapts to new circumstances such as order situation and material availability, thus optimizing production processes. To deliver the desired added value, it is particularly important that production processes in the value chain are networked with suppliers and customers.



As part of the digitization of the value chain, our consultants support clients in increasing the efficiency of processes and exploiting previously unused potential. With the help of status quo analyses of all process flows, we obtain a comprehensive picture of the existing value chain and can thus ensure continuous optimization of the systems and processes.

Together with our clients, we identify possible courses of action and draw up a plan of action, which we accompany through to implementation. To this end, our consultants address all relevant business areas – from incoming orders to procurement and production to service. Our recommendations enable employees to focus on their value-adding activities and achieve an overall optimization of production processes across all sites.



The result of our consulting services are detailed analyses as well as evaluations of the potentials as well as risks of the value chain of our clients. ensign advisory supports according to the positioning in the optimization of all activities along the value chain. The focus of our service is the interoperability of processes, the idea of innovation and the increase of efficiency. At the same time, our consultants support the acceleration of the commissioning of processes and machines, as well as the creation of simulations with the help of a digital twin, thus saving time.

Our core competencies

Identification of Efficiency Enhancement and Savings Potentials

Together with our clients, we conduct a detailed analysis of the entire value chain to develop an all-encompassing digitalization concept. We identify potential efficiency gains and savings within all business areas to be able to exploit them optimally through digital transformation.

Setting up a Smart Factory

We support our clients in optimally networking their machines and systems with the help of artificial intelligence to optimize the manufacture of their products and increase the efficiency of their processes. We offer numerous technical solutions, such as cyber-physical systems, Big Data technologies, as well as embedded systems and support our clients during implementation.

Horizontal and Vertical Integration

We help to integrate the smart factory horizontally, i.e. to network it in the value chain with suppliers and customers. In the process chain, the Smart Factory automatically adapts to new conditions and independently optimizes its production processes. As part of vertical integration, we ensure that employees, machines, and resources are digitally mapped and communicate via cyber-physical systems.

Implementation of Digital Models

Our consultants support our clients in creating digital models, such as digital twins or 3D models. Computer-aided simulations can be used to optimize processes and functions and reduce planning errors, as the models reflect the real production environment of the machine. Adjustments can be made first to the model and then to the machine after an increase in value has been determined. In this way, our clients can increase the efficiency of their machines and processes with our help.

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