Digitization of Business Models

Digital technologies have significantly changed the business world in recent years. Companies must have the courage to break new ground in order to secure competitive advantages and survive in the new world.

Our approach



Digitization involves much more than just the digital transformation of products and services or the accumulation of large volumes of data. It requires a comprehensive transformation of processes, structures and business models affecting the entire company to explicitly adapt to the changing needs and expectations of customers and the market. Currently, many companies are confronted with the topic of digitization but do not know how to exploit the full potential of the digital transformation.



The target of the project assignment is to define a digital strategy that is individually tailored to the client, as well as to establish a sustainable business model and thus contribute to the client’s ability to survive in the market. During this, a digital vision for the future is strived for so that our clients are optimally equipped for the challenges and opportunities of digitization.



The consultants of ensign advisory support clients in the entire digitization process and help to develop and implement a strategic direction, focus areas and measures as well as digital innovations. To optimally tailor business activities to the market situation and client needs, we support our clients in assessing the maturity of their digital projects as well as the resulting potentials and risks. Together, we develop a strategic roadmap to accompany measures all the way to implementation.

Our consultants assist to employ new possibilities in data collection and analysis (Big Data Analytics) and thus to make improved data-based decisions. We also analyze the extent to which products and services can be virtually networked and new markets opened up. Our consulting team focuses on the interaction of Big Data, Cloud Solutions, Data Analytics, Data Enhancement, and many other technologies.

To ensure the applicability of the digitization strategy in the client’s organization, we also develop an IT requirements document that details the technical requirements for the digital business model. The requirements listed include usability, security, and integration and connectivity. With the help of these requirements, the IT infrastructure can be optimally designed by our consultants.



Due to the extensive and interdisciplinary expertise of our consultants, we can identify trends, potentials as well as risks at an early stage and thus support clients in the successful development and implementation of digital business models. In doing so, ensign advisory takes on the role of a link between IT and business – our consultants know what is possible on the technical side and what is needed on the client side. By working in established project teams, our consultants can bring about rapid change in process and organizational structures as well as leadership mechanisms and corporate culture. This offers our clients the possibility to keep up with the constantly increasing speed of innovation and to survive in the market.

Our core competencies

Definition of IT Requirements

To ensure from the outset that the conditions for successful implementation and execution of the developed digitization strategy are feasible, we work together with our clients to create an IT requirements document, considering the existing IT landscape. Here, all technical requirements are recorded that are necessary for the successful transformation of the organization.

Functional Know-How

Due to our many years in line and consulting functions, we have a deep understanding of all business areas as well as the relevant markets and current developments. Combined with our methodical approach and our far-reaching industry insights, we thus fulfill the best prerequisites to support our clients directly in all work processes.

Deriving the Right Digitization Strategy

Our experienced and interdisciplinary team of consultants conducts a detailed analysis of our client organization to identify the current situation and possible digitization potential and derive a customized digitization strategy. We support in transforming our client´s organization so that they can meet the demands of the digital age and the prevailing competitive dynamics in the future.

Potential Analysis to Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

ensign advisory supports clients to exploit their potentials in a targeted way and to eliminate their weaknesses. Together with our clients, we create the foundation for their sustainable, digitalized business success based on competitive cost structures, innovations, and growth.

Implementation of the Requirements for Industry 4.0

Due to our expertise in mechanical and plant engineering, our consultants have been confronted with the challenges of Industry 4.0 from the very beginning. Numerous individual projects in different industries have sharpened our skills. Through individual analyses, technical know-how and our innovative spirit, we are the first address for the implementation of Industry 4.0 requirements.

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