The transformation of the consumer world in recent years has been enormous. Digitization is advancing inexorably and demands more future-proof business and sales models from companies. While companies initially believed they had more time to adapt, the corona pandemic has also significantly increased the pace of digitalization. Companies are forced to react promptly to maintain their competitive position.

Our approach



Loss of competitiveness due to dwindling customer numbers in consequence of lack of digital distribution strategies, is a significant problem for companies in today’s world. Consumers want to satisfy their needs more and more quickly, and to do so they turn to the companies with the best offers, advice, and processes. Digitization promises companies enormous advantages for gaining additional market share and increasing profits, but the levers must be set right, especially in the areas of product management and sales, to be convincing.



The goal is to increase the digital visibility of our clients and to establish a holistic, digital sales process for this purpose. This ranges from the standardization of offer processes to global price management and a centrally controlled, 100% error-free customer journey. A cornerstone of sales digitization is a clear definition of the future digital sales process. In addition to an end-to-end CRM solution, a CPQ solution is also required in mechanical and plant engineering.



As part of the project, our consultants first analyze the existing sales structures. In short workshops, we identify development areas in the sales organization together with stakeholders and key people from sales. To successfully implement digital sales platforms, the basic customer journey must be understood and, if necessary, transformed. In addition to the elaboration of the sales digitization, which includes a strategic roadmap with action plans, our consultants develop a clear, digital vision together with the company management. Clear goals and target structures are defined and a hypothesis- and fact-based analysis is carried out to fully examine the situation. The analysis thereby reveals potentials as well as priorities and enables a targeted digitalization of the sales processes.

In addition, we offer our clients the option of setting up holistic configure-price-quote (CPQ) systems to automate labor-intensive components of the sales process as well as the central management of all tasks involved within a system alongside traditional CRM functionality. While a CRM tool ensures that the company focuses on the right customers, a CPQ system helps generate quotes faster and with optimal value for money. An integrated CRM and CPQ solution therefore combine all sales-relevant data from customers on product configuration and variants and provides solution descriptions and illustrations as well as pricing information. Such IT capabilities accelerate customer interaction in general and quotation cycles, and additionally integrate data and processes from external systems into the sales process.



Through our consulting services in sales digitization, our consultants accelerate the market launch of new products. In addition to shortening sales cycles and increasing sales efficiency, our consultants can help increase both revenue and overall results for the client company. Through the implementation of an efficient CRM and CPQ solution, a strongly improved closing ratio is achieved, as well as a 100% elimination of error costs and non-billable services. In addition, our consultants help to reduce delivery times and changes.

Our core competencies

Transformation of the Customer Journey

Understanding and transforming the customer journey is essential for the successful implementation of a digital sales strategy. In addition to elaborating the sales digitization, we work with our clients to develop a clear vision. In addition, we support our clients in determining priorities and success factors. Based on these determinations, we conduct hypothesis- and fact-based analyses for the transformation of customer journeys.

Implementation of CRM and CPQ Solutions

ensign advisory's services enable to improve customer targeting, as well as to create offers faster and with optimal price-performance ratio. The expertise of our consultants helps to automate labor-intensive parts of the sales process and centrally manage all involved tasks within the system. Our CRM and CPQ solutions accelerate customer interaction in general and quotation cycles, and additionally integrate data and processes from external systems into the sales process.

Establishing a Digital Sales Structure

In a changing market environment, building and implementing a digital sales structure can be a challenge that we are happy to tackle together with our clients. Combined with our systematic approach and industry insights, we meet the requirements, by means of analyses, the transformation of customer journeys and the implementation of digital tools (such as CRM and CPQ solutions), that are crucial for building a digital sales structure.

Analysis of the Market Environment

ensign advisory supports clients with the preparation of market, customer, and competitor analyses to jointly get a picture of the behavior of the market and the competition. Based on this, a suitable digital sales strategy can be developed, or the existing one can be optimized in order to place clients and their company optimally in the market in the future.

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