Digitization & Industry 4.0

Exploiting digitization opportunities


The adaptation of solutions from the “Internet of Things” (IoT) sector to industry not only promises an enormous increase in productivity, but also opens the door to the development of new solutions for production, products and services.

Industry 4.0 is emerging at the interface between industry and IT. Recognizing and leveraging its potential requires new approaches and new ways of thinking: Whereas in industry, the actions and thinking of machines and systems are characterized by long operating times, IT is characterized by very short, incremental development cycles. Only those who approach the subject from both directions will be able to understand and exploit the opportunities presented by the industrial adaptation of the “Internet of Things”. Successful digitization requires significant change in processes, organizational structures, management mechanisms and corporate culture. It is therefore a matter for top management and must be grasped holistically.

ensign advisory focuses on sustainable, value-creating digitization for manufacturing companies – along the entire value chain. We are a team of experienced consultants with interdisciplinary competencies and specialized knowledge in the field of digitalization. Our proven experience in the field of digital transformation, our extensive IT know-how and excellent knowledge of the supply chain and business processes form the basis for our customized solutions – from management consulting to technical implementation. We support companies from the industrial goods sector in successfully shaping their digital transformation. Examples of our specialization include mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology, and the packaging industry.

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