The positioning and thus the market success of a company depends on the targeted management of all marketing activities. Precisely tailored strategies that incorporate customer needs, competitive activities and trends are necessary to keep companies on course, to know their prospects and to be able to grow from them.

Our approach



If companies lack a long-term orientation of their corporate brand, arrangements must be made based on which operational measures can be taken to shape the company as well as to allocate resources. The identification of marketing goals and a USP, in addition to the creation of competitive and market strategies, are fundamental decisions for the long-term existence of a company.



The aim is to develop a strategic marketing strategy together with our clients or to adapt the existing one in such a way that the company can be placed competitively on the market in the long term with a customer focus and a clear USP and vision.



The consultants of ensign advisory support our clients in the context of strategic marketing by analyzing and forecasting the business environment to be able to recognize and plan success potentials during this. The distinctive industry experience and a far-reaching network enable our consultants to recognize trends at an early stage, to weigh up risks and opportunities and to react to them accordingly with our clients.

Together we identify unique selling propositions, competitive advantages as well as opportunities in different markets or market segments. Based on this, business plans as well as a competitive and/or growth strategy can be developed, which focus on the company and its individuality and aim at long-term profitability.

Due to the diverse international experience of our consultants, it is also possible for us to accompany our clients in international market entries. This option exists both within the framework of conceptual support, but also through interim support by utilizing our consultants as interim managers.



ensign advisory supports the strategic marketing of our clients with the preparation of market, customer and competition analyses, the development of sound market entry strategies and the formation of a corporate brand including USP and vision. Our knowledge of the market, competitors and customers gives us a considerable edge over generalist consultancies. This is how we offer the decisive added value that will be expressed in results.

Our core competencies

Development and Implementation of the Corporate Brand

ensign advisory has assisted numerous clients in the past in all matters relating to the corporate brand. Our expertise ranges from the development of a brand identity to the concrete implementation and communication of the brand to the client. We take on this task and build a unique brand together with our clients.

Development of Individual Marketing Strategies

We help our clients to develop the optimal, as well as individual marketing strategy for their organization and to implement it holistically. In the past, we have taken on this task under a variety of conditions and have been able to achieve optimal results for our clients. In all questions and tasks concerning the development of a strategic marketing strategy, they will benefit from the industry and consulting expertise, as well as from the experience and insights of our team.

Profitable Customer Understanding

Due to our many years of experience in line and consulting functions, we have an in-depth understanding of our clients´ industry, as well as the specific customers and know current needs as well as requirements. Our continuously increasing industry knowledge and regular customer analyses provide the decisive clues for building intensive and long-term customer relationships.

Analysis of the Environment

ensign advisory supports clients with the preparation of market, customer, and competitor analyses to jointly obtain a picture of the behavior of the market and the competition. Based on this, a suitable marketing strategy can be developed, or the existing one can be optimized to place our clients and their organization optimally in the market in the future.

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