Increasing competition and changing customer requirements in the service sector mean that adjustments and realignments of the service portfolio are necessary due to shifts in market share and margin distribution. The changed market situation also means that, in addition to technical expertise, customer orientation and satisfaction are decisive criteria in the selection of services and must be considered by companies.

Our approach



Service and spare part performance are becoming more and more important due to the price pressure on actual product sales. However, many companies underestimate the importance of these areas, whereby strengthened customer loyalty and relationships as well as higher revenues represent only an excerpt of the multitude of benefits.



The goal is to exploit the full potential of the service business and to develop, as well as implement, a strategy for the service area. The service strategy should address an optimal alignment of the service portfolio, the spare parts business with existing customers as well as opportunities for customer recovery and an optimization of productivity. In addition to customer recovery, customer satisfaction is to be increased by integrating customers more strongly into the information flow.



Together with our clients, our consultants develop a holistic strategy to realign the entire service management. Therefore, we place the focus of the strategic measures on three areas. These areas include optimizing productivity, optimizing spare parts requirements, and improving customer satisfaction.

In the context of productivity optimization, our consultants support the optimization of capacity planning for technician assignments by implementing a route planning engine and specifically contributing to better plannability and avoidance of idle time. In addition, we help our clients to implement KPI key figures for better control and thus build up a monitoring system that shows our clients opportunities and risks.

To optimize spare parts requirements, our consultants help plan future needs with the help of digital monitoring to collect and evaluate real-time data. To this end, we facilitate the introduction of predictive maintenance to enable and consider predictive maintenance in addition to determining future needs.

In addition, the introduction of a customer portal will allow the customer to be more involved in communication in the future and thus, in combination with a significant reduction in service response time, improve customer satisfaction.



Extensive industry expertise and experience in service management enables our consultants to develop a service strategy with our clients. Successful implementation can result in an increase in service revenue of up to 15% in the first 12 months. In addition, the implementation of a customer portal, as well as the full integration of end customers into the process flow, increases customer satisfaction and retention.

Our core competencies

Growth Concepts for the Service and After-Sales Sector

Our consultants advise clients on a wide range of growth concepts for the service and after-sales sectors. In numerous projects, our consultants have already successfully developed growth concepts and implemented them afterwards. By applying our innovative concepts, we have been able to help various companies succeed. At the same time, we have helped our clients to sustainably increase customer satisfaction in addition to growth in the service and after-sales areas.

Enabling Predictive Maintenance

A key concept of digitization or Industry 4.0 is predictive maintenance. Through the organization of numerous workshops and the challenge in various projects in mechanical and plant engineering, we underline our competence in digitally networking machines, products, and components with each other to record real-time data or to enable predictive maintenance.

Digital Monitoring

For an improved end-to-end process in service, the implementation of digital monitoring is essential. ensign advisory supports clients with a digital monitoring solution and thus creates the possibility to collect live data at a central point. In addition to our experience in digitization topics, we have excellent expertise in the definition of KPIs, monitoring and numerous other methods of analysis.

Building a Digital Customer Portal

During the rapid development of digitization, maintaining customer satisfaction can become a challenge that we face together with our clients. Therefore, we support our clients in setting up a digital customer portal, which serves as the main communication channel with the customer and at the same time improves customer satisfaction by involving the customer in the entire service process. In numerous projects, we have achieved a significant reduction in service response time and strengthened customer loyalty through intelligent implementation.

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