The Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed shopping behavior. Online trade is booming, and digital sales channels are becoming more and more important. In addition, there are significantly more differentiated customer requirements, as well as an increasing number of distribution channels, which force companies to act. An analysis of the entire sales organization helps to understand how companies should align themselves to be able to use the potential of change for themselves.

Our approach



Almost unlimited sales and thus purchasing opportunities for customers make it difficult for companies to sustain customer loyalty. Consumers want to satisfy their needs more quickly and therefore fall back on the companies with the best offers, advice, and processes. The development of a new customer base and the maintenance of existing customer relationships should therefore be clearly structured and defined with KPIs to be able to achieve and measure sales success in the long term.



The goal is to work with our clients to align the entire sales organization with changing customer needs while achieving cost and process efficiencies.



The consultants of ensign advisory support clients in achieving a customer focus with simultaneous identification of savings potentials in the sales organization.

To achieve this, our consultants first undertake a status quo analysis to identify how we can best support our clients. The status quo analysis results in a plan of action, which includes the categories of order management, key account management as well as the digitization of the sales structures. Together, we identify target groups, define key accounts, and set KPIs for tracking sales successes so that our customers can sustainably review their processes and systems. The early identification of errors in processes or falling demand can then also be recognized and countermeasures be taken through the introduction of order management and key account management systems. At the same time, our consultants help to identify potential savings through the digital linking of systems and processes and enable our clients to establish more cost-effective sales.



ensign advisory provides support in continuously adapting client organizations and their sales structures to changes in the market and customer requirements, analyzing and developing new sales channels or optimizing existing sales channels. With the help of our measures, our clients can ensure that their customer potential is optimally exploited, that successful and long-term customer relationships are established and that they optimally manage their orders.

Our core competencies

Implementation of an Order Management System

ensign advisory advises clients on the implementation of a future-oriented Order Management System to seamlessly link all processes and systems of their sales organization. With the help of the OMS, clients can evaluate sales data and use it for their own benefit to optimize sales processes in the long term.

Building a Sales Strategy in the Context of the Corporate Vision

In changing markets, the development and implementation of new, adapted sales strategies can be a great challenge, which we face together with our clients. Regardless of the individual project situation, our consultants always consider the long-term vision and mission to implement a sustainable strategy.

Implementation of CRM and CPQ Solutions

ensign advisory's services enable clients to improve customer targeting and to create offers faster and with an optimal price-performance ratio. The expertise of our consultants helps clients to automate labor-intensive parts of the sales process and centrally manage all involved tasks within the system. Our CRM and CPQ solutions accelerate customer interaction in general and quotation cycles and integrate data and processes from external systems into the sales process.

Building a Digital Sales Structure

In a changing market environment, building and implementing a digital sales structure can be a challenge that we are happy to take on together with our clients. Combined with our systematic approach and industry insights, we meet the requirements, through analysis, transformation of customer journeys and implementation of digital tools (such as CRM and CPQ solutions), that are crucial for building a digital sales structure.

Optimization of Key Account Management

Together with our clients, our consultants identify the most important customer relationships, create requirement analyses and point out options for action so that our clients can strengthen customer loyalty as well as utilize efficiency potentials.

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