Project and Program Management

A lack of transparency due to the increasing complexity of projects and programs, changing framework conditions as well as advancing digitization require companies to adapt project and program management to plan project workflows and business processes more efficiently, realize potential and adapt to changing conditions.

Our approach



Uniform planning, central control and tracking of project progress and cost flows can support companies in uncovering potential savings, conducting cost-benefit analyses, and accessing real-time information at any time. This provides the option of a constant overview of all project progress, responsibilities as well as deviations from target to actual and at the same time the possibility to react promptly.



The goal of our consulting services is to support our clients in the transformation of their project and program management and to centralize and digitalize processes while optimizing the quality of the entire project management. At the same time, sustainable added value can be generated through findings from the centralization of project planning.



ensign advisory’s interdisciplinary team of consultants supports clients from the status quo analysis, through the decision on suitable tools and measures, to the implementation of a project, program, or transformation office. In addition, our consultants uncover optimization and cost-saving potential in the areas of consolidation and standardization and help to define new responsibilities and coach for corresponding positions. At the same time, it is possible for our consultants to support or lead the Transformation Office function on an interim basis to establish regulated processes and manage the new function transitionally.



ensign advisory supports business transformation programs by organizing Program and Project Management Offices and defines PMO templates that lead to fast and P&L effective decisions. By establishing a project, program or transformation office, projects as well as programs can be coordinated effectively and centrally, while at the same time creating transparency in the process. As a result, our clients achieve an increase in the added value of the entire project management, which makes it possible to make data-based decisions in real time and to intervene promptly in the event of deviations between target and actual. In addition, interactions between individual projects can be recorded, as well as responsibilities clearly defined, task packages optimally distributed and a cost-optimized and focused deployment of personnel ensured.

Our core competencies

Establishing a Transformation Office

Our experienced consultants will help our clients to set up a Transformation Office and anchor it in their organization so that they can manage their entire project portfolio efficiently in the future and make sustainable, data-based decisions. We enable clients to take a new approach to management and at the same time support them in visibly optimizing the efficiency of processes, making well-founded decisions, and achieving implementation commitment.

Qualifying Oroject or Program Managers

We enable executives to master the corresponding tasks of a project or program manager by advising clients, for example, on how projects should be assessed or set up to decide in the next step whether projects should be approved, postponed, or rejected. In addition, we support clients in all decisions related to project management, project control and quality management.

Optimization of Project Control

Together with our clients, we analyze project management processes as well as tracking tools and identify optimization potential in control. Only if individual projects are coordinated efficiently the program can achieve the desired success.

Introduction of Project or Program Management Software

Our consultants help clients to implement and use our project or program management tools. Complex programs require multi-project/program management software that enables the control, tracking and linking of individual projects so that, for example, adjustments affecting several (sub-)projects can be made efficiently.

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