Production Management

Increasingly individual customer requirements, ever-advancing digitization, as well as the desire for cost savings with error-free production processes, demand action from companies. The balancing act between different production requirements is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming, but to remain competitive, the focus must not be lost, and action must be taken promptly.

Our approach



If companies are confronted with time as well as cost and innovation pressures in production, external know-how, coupled with an objective attitude towards all production and process flows, can bring progress and positive change.



The target is to build an effective production together with our clients. The focus is primarily on customer and quality requirements, optimized process management as well as efficiency improvement measures so that potentials in speed and cost reduction can also be captured.



At the beginning of the consulting project, our consultants get a precise picture of the company. The focus of the analyses is on production and all associated process flows. We place particular emphasis on potential and requirements analyses, based on which we draw up a plan of action together with our clients.

At the same time, our consultants support the planning and implementation of quality management and systematic inventory management and prepare material flow and layout planning. The aim of this planning is to identify potentials, to achieve long-term efficiency improvements and to increase the flexibility of production. In addition to material flow and layout planning, we also implement efficiency improvement programs and lean management. In all these measures, we always keep the company’s strengths, resources and goals in mind and make the optimal decisions for our clients’ production based on these restrictions.



ensign advisory helps to make production more efficient and brings quality, costs, and speed into line. In addition to regional production planning, we also possess the competence to support global projects thanks to our international expertise. Our consultants structure and optimize production processes, the production network, and the organizational structure of the production function. At the same time, we implement quality management and operational excellence programs. As management consultants with a technical background, we show the way, whereby our clients can benefit from both the professional and technical expertise of our consultants.

Our core competencies

Material Flow and Layout Planning

For a long-term increase in efficiency and as a basis for corresponding efficiency improvement programs, dedicated material flow and layout planning is indispensable. Through our holistic consulting approach, we have already supported a wide range of clients and tasks. We help clients with our know-how and industry insights for individual problems in material flow and layout planning.

Production Planning

Production planning consists of various multi-layered sub-disciplines. Fulfilment of these is an important prerequisite for long-term success. Our consultants support clients in the various subtasks of production planning, such as planning primary and secondary requirements as well as production process planning.

Planning and Implementation of Systematic Inventory Management

Combined with our systematic approach and our industry insights, we fulfil the best prerequisites for compiling the information that is decisive for the planning and implementation of inventory management by means of market research and analyses. Our clients benefit from the industry and consulting expertise, as well as the insights of our team. We also involve the client in the entire process.

Implementation of Efficiency Improvement Programs and Lean Management

In a changing market and challenges due to Industry 4.0, the implementation of efficiency improvement programs can be a challenge that we face together with our clients. Due to numerous implementations of lean management measures, as well as a wealth of experience from many years of activities in line and consulting functions, we are suited as an optimal sparring partner.

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